Kabir Sahib
The Mystic Saint Teacher of Love Peace and Human Unity

Satguru Kabir Sahib - Master of the Mystics

 Kabir Sahib does not have the same concerns as most people. He says we want to be in a situation where the horrors of this earthly existence will be no more, we want to migrate from this desperate situation... we have been poisoned by Kal to feel that this earthly existence is the be-all and end-all of things...most right thinking people will know this cannot be true.

We must learn the secret of transcendence from the Saints and pack our bags as soon as possible before it is too late. The redeeming feature about this earthly existence is the singular opportunity of the human body through which the once in a life time arrangement can be made to take us out of this seemingly never ending mess.
Our only hope is in the grace of a Living Master of the age. Aspirants must avail themselves of his free services and the formula to wind up Karmas and escape.
"Oh how can I express that secret word?" Kabir Sahib continues his discourses to inform all of mankind to take the NAAM of the Satguru seriously. Become FIRM in the NAAM for you will need it on your journey, it is your birth right to know the truth and you will be able to do so in this life-time by remaining firm in the teaching of the SATGURU, HIS NAAM and HIS SHABD. 

Posted be Shree Mahant Deochan Dass Sahib Ji



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